Fida International Update - 29th Dec. 2004

Fida International helps forgotten fishing villages in India

Fida International has been supporting a costal villages' development program in the Khrishna district of the state of Andhra Pradesh in India since 1998. The huge earthquake of Sunday 26th of December and the tidal waves that followed also hit the east coast of India causing loss of many human lives and damage to the local economy. Worst hit in India were the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, along with the states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Immediately after the tidal wave had hit the Indian coast a project team left for the area to assess the situation and take part in the evacuation effort. By Sunday evening a food and water distribution was under way in the camp of evacuees in Machilipatnam. The camp housed evacuated people from eight different fishing villages. The quick response was made possible by the 10,000 euro donation from Fida International.

The state of Andhra Pradesh and especially the district of Khrisna has often been hit by natural catastrophes. Fida International has been supporting a state program, which has built rice and other food storages to sustain the people during big scale flooding. Villagers have also received training on how to act under such circumstances. This training was helpful as the villagers knew how to act when the tidal waves hit, and in the 37 villages covered by the Fida projects no deaths have been reported, though material loss has been enormous. Unfortunately other villages in the Khrisna district have reported 36 deaths and tens are still missing.

Now villagers are returning to their homes as the situation has calmed down. The villagers are shocked and scared as they have lost their way of earning a living. We want to support them as they try to build up their lives again.

Fida International has donated 10,000 € for the catastrophe victims. In the Krishna district the initial response has been to distribute food and water, along with housing for the evacuated villagers. Now the focus will shift to helping the villagers rebuild their lives after the catastrophe. Now you can help these forgotten victims of the tidal wave by donating to Fida International, bank in Finland: Nordea 228718-5256, reference number 72410.

For more information contact the Area Coordinator, Mika Jokivuori, mobile phone +91 98211 41743 or email