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Fida International assistance to tsunami victims in Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Indonesia

Fida International is grateful for the generous tsunami assistance donations of more than €700,000. Thanks are due to the Finnish public, Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, other International agencies and interest groups. In the first 1½ months about 20,000 tsunami victims in Sri Lanka alone have received assistance of food and other essentials.


Emergency relief supplies of water and food have been distributed in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh costal villages affected by the Tsunami flooding. Material loss in the villages is enormous. Boats and nets were lost, with them the livelihood of the people. The tidal wave brought salty sea water to the rice fields. Now the next harvest is also wasted. Fida International has been supporting a state program under which rice and other food storage facilities have been built in case of large scale floods. Villagers have also received instructions on how to act under such circumstances. These food stocks will only last for a short time and the time to help these fishing villages is now!

Fida International has donated €10,000 for the catastrophe victims in the Krishnadistrict where we helped evacuate the villagers, organized food and water distribution along with accommodation for villagers from 870 villages. Fida International is responsible for the feeding of people from 870 villages.

For more details: IndiaArea Coordinator, Mika Jokivuori, phone +91 98211 41743 or email:

Sri Lanka

Together with our International and local partners, Fida International is committed towards rebuild the livelihoods of tsunami victims, with an initial project plan of €1.8 million over the next 6 months, to bring humanitarian assistance to a minimum of 20,000 tsunami victims.

Implementation with be done together with AGC-Relief and their International partners. Assistance will be targeted in 8 effected coastal regions, with the worst hit areas being the east cost fishing villages. The first stages of emergency supplies and services for almost 20,000 victims have been distributed. Goods and services consisted of; food, water, clothing, medical support and supplies, bedding, cleaning rubble and wells, trauma counselling, household supplies plus other essentials. Now operations are well into the second stage of relief, with a focus on food, water, temporary shelter, cookers, sleeping mats, repair to sanitation systems, medical assistance, cleaning trauma counselling and other needed services and supplies.

Fida International is also bringing assistance in helping rebuild crucial infrastructure, such as homes, schools and health clinics in the worst effected costal areas. The final stage of this tsunami assistance project only focuses on rebuilding 400 homes, but depending on further identified unmet needs nearing the end of this project, Fida International is prepared to continue assistance which will lead to sustainable development of effected communities.

For more details: Sri Lanka Area Coordinator, Lauri Sorila, phone +94 77 6915341 or email:


Fida International personnel have been assisting the Finnish Embassy by giving a direct report of the situation of Finns in Bangkokand Phuket. Personnel also visited, comforted and gave their support to traumatized travellers in hospitals and at the airport.

Together with Food for the Hungry International, Fida International has assisted up to 10,000 Tsunami effected victims in and around the areas of Phuket and Phang-Ngan, in providing emergency food and water supplies. In Si Ren village Fida funding the repairs of 30 fishing boats and purchased 4 new boats for fishermen who lost their livelihoods.

For more information contact the Asia Area Coordinator, Arto Raassina email:


There where more than 220,000 deaths, and an estimate of 600,000 people are without livelihoods. The massive earthquake and tidal waves washed away many villages and large parts of several towns.

Fida International is planning to start rehabilitation assistance in the worst effected areas of Indonesia.

Humanitarian inquiries
Head of Humanitarian Assistance: Anneli Karras, Phone +358 40 7713041, Email:

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