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DFID CHAD OT Situation Report No. 35 - South Asia earthquake




7.6 earthquake (depth 10 kilometres) hit at 08.50 Pakistan time (03.50 GMT), on 8 October with the epicentre in Muzaffarabad. Area affected approximately 30,000 sq. miles.

3.5 million people affected (500,000 families). Nearly 2.5 million people have lost their houses. 2.3 million food insecure. (Government/WFP)

Current Situation

Key Issues

PakMil continuing to construct community warm rooms and prohibit the distribution of kerosene stoves in NWFP camps (DFID Field Team).

Real Time Evaluation of Cluster approach due to take place in early February (DFID Field Team).

Sectors of most concern remain shelter, camp management and Wat/San


The number of tents collapsing due to heavy snow is still unknown; further collapses are being prevented by re-pitching tents and regularly clearing off the snow (DFID Field Team).

Winterisation of non-winterised tents by the shelter cluster ongoing (DFID Field Team).

Camp Management

There are an estimated 137,008 people in 26 planned and 113 spontaneous camps across the affected region. (Camp Management Cluster).

Migration of displaced people from higher elevations into camps increased slightly due to difficult weather conditions. A significant number of people undertaking reconnaissance visits to camps before returning to the higher altitudes (OCHA).

Contingency planning for large scale descent from higher elevations remains key priority.

Camp management transition from military to civilian authorities has been reversed in NWFP due to the bad weather (OCHA).


Situation in camps deteriorating with unconfirmed reports of latrines flooding.


Construction of the Basics Health Units (BHU) across the affected region progressing behind schedule.


WFP has stockpiled sufficient food to last between 7 - 30 days at central locations throughout the affected region (DFID Field Team).

WFP are also providing high-energy biscuits to those unable to cook (OCHA).


Bad weather has triggered numerous landslides throughout the area of operation, blocking roads and hampering the relief effort (OCHA). More bad weather forecast for Sunday.


As of 31 March, the civil structures in AJK and NWFP will be responsible for food delivery to the displaced. WFP proposing to implement a PRRO, beginning 1 April to provide targeted assistance to 1 million beneficiaries.

The Emergency Shelter Cluster will be redefined as the Emergency Shelter and Housing Cluster, with active UN Habitat involvement.


DFID has committed =A349.4 million out of a total =A358 million pledged. =A370 million has been pledged for reconstruction over three years. UK total aid pledged is =A3128 million.

UN Flash Appeal for $549 million over six months. $305 million committed (56%).

II. DFID Response to Date

Ongoing Planning/Operations

IOM NFIs have started arriving in Islamabad on 23 December. The table below highlights the items that have arrived and the items that are still outstanding.

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