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COVID-19 Global Health Emergency Response - Asia-Pacific Region Situation Report (17 September, 2020)

Situation Report
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Key Concerns

World Vision updated its Regional Recovery Report to cover 402 communities from 13 countries. Nearly 6,000 people, including children, families, and vulnerable group representatives, participated in an assessment from May-July 2020. The assessment revealed that:

  • More than 69% of parents and caregivers confirmed that their livelihoods were either moderately, fully, or severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Daily wage workers, the largest segment of many Asian economies, are the hardest hit.

  • Loss of livelihood is of utmost concern for the rural and urban poor, which in turn negatively affects all the other aspects of child well-being including, access to food and nutrition, access to healthcare and essential medicines, access to hygiene and sanitation facilities, and child protection and safety. 84% of urban respondents indicated loss of jobs or experienced income reductions.

  • Loss of livelihood is forcing parents and caregivers to take desperate measures that are negatively impacting children’s well-being. 27% of parents/ caregivers shared that the stress on families related to loss of income, lack of school, and change of children’s behaviour during quarantine has contributed to children experiencing physical punishment and emotional abuse. However, 25% of all children (39% of children in urban areas) confirmed that caregivers had used physical or psychological punishment.