Americares to support long term recovery in #Kerala

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After six weeks of untiring efforts to ensure rapid delivery of vital medicines, medical supplies and family relief support as well as conducting health camps, Team Americares is now focusing on long term recovery in the flood affected districts of Kerala.

Early Response

More than 8,500 individuals received primary care at the health camps conducted by Americares and our partners across the state. Americares donated medicines and supplies worth more than Rs. 50 Mio to bridge the medical supply gaps. We donated 2 Mio chlorine tablets to ensure access to safe drinking water to communities. To prevent the potential outbreak of Leptospirosis (rat fever), Americares donated 5 Lac tablets of Doxycycline. We have donated vital safety gear to protect the cleaning staff from injuries and infection as they cleared the post-flood debris.

Interim Relief

As families returned to their ravaged homes, we helped them maintain health and hygiene by providing access to safe drinking water, hygiene & cleaning products, shelter support and baby care products. More than 12,000 families benefited through the family relief support we were able to reach out.

Long Term Recovery

Americares is now focusing on long term recovery programs for the affected population in Kerala. These initiatives include,

  • Health Center Recovery: Of the 228 health centers that are damaged during the floods and need recovery support, through equipment donations and drugs, Americares plans to help rehabilitation of 50 such centers by mobilizing corporate grants.

  • Mother & Child Nutrition: Americares will be supporting 7,000 lactating mothers & children, the vulnerable population, by providing nutritional support, adequate for 90 days.

  • Mental Health Program: Post traumatic stress and mental health issues post large scale disasters are very common. Americares will partner with the local government to roll out a year-long program in 325 Panchayats to address mental health issues post this disaster.

  • Mobile Diagnostic Labs: In tribal hamlets of the hilly districts of Wayanad and Idukki, there is a felt need of supporting the government infrastructure by providing access to diagnostic facilities. Americares will support the government by donating specially designed ‘Lab-on-wheels’ to facilitate access to vital services to the tribal population.