ADRA receives ECHO funding for Orissa Cyclone rehabilitation

ADRA News Release
NEW DELHI, INDIA - The European Community Humanitarian Office (ECHO) agreed yesterday to provide the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Germany office with nearly half a million dollars in order for ADRA to continue its rehabilitation work in eastern India following the "super cyclone" that hit during the last weekend of October.

The grant is a portion of the funding ECHO released in late December 1999 to several humanitarian organizations responding to the disaster. "[The funding] is dedicated to meeting the ongoing needs of people affected by the cyclone.It covers the basics for survival: food aid, basic healthcare, shelter and water/sanitation," ECHO printed in a release on February 7.

With the funds, ADRA plans to help rehabilitate the income generation capacity of affected families in Orissa, according to Dennis Tidwell, ADRA India country director. Some specific activities include re-plantation of coconut orchards; establishment of cattle and goat banks to start replacing the 300,000 livestock lost in the cyclones; repairing primary schools and health stations; disaster preparedness training and limited distribution of food supplies to vulnerable groups.

"The first phase of the project is expected to run for four months," explains Tidwell, "but ECHO agreed to an additional eight-month period for monitoring the livestock banks to make sure that they are functioning well."

Radek Spinka of the Czech Republic will arrive in India on February 23 to serve as ADRA Germany's coordinator. ADRA will also be partnering with the Orissa-based National Institute for Social Work and Social Science (NISWASS) for the implementation of this project.

ADRA India has already completed its initial immediate relief operations in Orissa with funding from the German government, ADRA International Headquarters and ADRA Sweden In coordination with the leaders of the Ganjam District in India, ADRA provided food, blankets and clothing to approximately 3,300 of the most affected families in 10 villages in late November 1999. The food, including nearly 200 tons (180 metric tonnes) of rice, and other relief materials were provided through a food-for-work program.

ADRA is also assisting a boarding school in Orissa that educates tribal children. ADRA Netherlands is helping to provide beds for the students, who have been sleeping on the floor. "Recently one young student survived a nocturnal snake bite," says Tidwell.

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