ACT Appeal India: Tropical Storm in Bihar and West Bengal - IND101

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Appeal Target: US$ 915,646

Balance requested: US$ 461,239

Geneva, 30 June 2010

Dear Colleagues,

On 13th April 2010 at approximately 11 pm Indian local time, a severe storm struck parts of Bangladesh and Eastern India. The storm lasted for about 90 minutes, with the most intense portion spanning 30-40 minutes. The severe storm killed 134 people in India. 90 people died in the Indian state of Bihar, 40 in West Bengal state, and 4 in Assam state. Most of the deaths were women and children crushed when their huts were destroyed. Over 407,220 dwellings were destroyed in India and approximately 300,000 dwellings were at least partially damaged. Power and telecommunication lines snapped, trees were uprooted, and massive damage was caused to crops and livestock. Populations living in the affected areas are largely poor farmers and labourers and the devastation is way beyond their capacity to cope. ACT Alliance members in the area, Church's Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) and Lutheran World Federation/ Lutheran World Service India Trust (LWF/LWSIT) in coordination with other agencies participated in assessment missions and reports from the affected areas indicate widespread destruction and a need for immediate external intervention to supplement government actions in order to minimize the suffering of the most vulnerable survivors. The monsoon rains start in June each year and assistance was therefore required to bring immediate relief and to assist recovery.