ACAPS Briefing Note: India - Flooding in Assam State (17 July 2019)

Originally published


Heavy rainfall due to the beginning of the 2019 monsoon season triggered severe flooding in northeast India. Flooding affected Assam state since 8 July but worsened considerably since 12 July, affecting 4.3 million people in 30 of 33 districts (as of 15 July). At least 83,000 people are sheltered in approximately 500 government-established relief camps and centres, with more people displaced to makeshift shelters. At least 11 people have lost their lives while the risk of more flooding and landslides persists. Urgent shelter, NFIs, food and WASH needs have been reported.

Anticipated scope and scale

Impact and scale of flooding are likely to increase over the following days as additional rainfall is forecasted, several rivers, including the Brahmaputra, have risen above danger levels across various location and assessments are ongoing. The monsoon season lasts until September, severe flooding in north-eastern states usually takes place in July and August. The impact on agriculture and infrastructure is likely to lead to longer-term effects on livelihoods and food security, as 80% of the population depend on agriculture for their livelihoods. Hard-to-reach populations and minority groups may be excluded from assessments and assistance. Gaps in responding to the needs of populations outside of camps was observed after previous flooding.