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2021 South Asia COVID-19 Outbreak: India and Nepal - Situation Report #4 (9 June 2021)

Situation Report
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  • India recorded over 6.7 million new cases of COVID-19 in the last month, taking the total cases to 28,996,473.

  • India and Nepal hospitals continue to be overwhelmed and lacking in oxygen supplies and sufficient beds, equipment and supplies for the surge in patients.

  • Lockdowns and other protective measures are slowing the rates of infection in both countries, but shortages of equipment and supplies persist.

  • Project HOPE and partners have distributed 150 oxygen concentrators, 8000 oxygen masks, 227000 units of PPE, 3250 pulse oximeters, and other supplies in 5 Indian states: Karnataka,
    Telangana, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha.

  • Project HOPE and partners have developed an innovative program aimed at pediatric COVID-19 patients to improve protection and clinical care for children in 28 Indian health facilities.

  • Over 750 Nepali healthcare workers have been trained on COVID19 Acute Care, with several more sessions planned in the coming weeks.

  • In Nepal, hospital beds, 100 oxygen tanks, 84 oxygen concentrators, temporary hospital tents, and 8000 units of PPE have been distributed.

Quick Facts

  • India and Nepal are experiencing a massive outbreak of COVID-19 exacerbated by shortages of critical supplies.

  • Items most in need are PPE, oxygen supplies, ICU equipment, and ventilators.

  • Project HOPE is working with local partners to mobilize procurements and shipment of critical medical supplies to the hardest hit regions.