$10,000 targeted goal to assist coastal India villages

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Tuesday , December 28, 2004 - In response to urgent requests from the people in the Manginapudi beach area and surrounding coastal villages affected by the tsunami, India Partners hopes to raise $10,000 for emergency assistance. The relief & development agency receives daily updates from several of its partner organizations located in that area of India and has received specific requests for money to supply rice, blankets, milk, clothes and cooking utensils for the victims of the tsunami.

India Partners' contact in that area, Rev. Parishudha emailed today: "Many lost their homes, loved ones and all their belongings. So far we have distributed 15,000 kgs. of rice to 3,000 families. The food demand is so high; we were not able to provide food to all these victims. The need is so great. We are so shocked to see the great loss of the people."

Located in the Andhra Pradesh region, Babu mobilized a disaster team the day the tsunami hit the coastal area but has quickly run out of money to purchase the needed emergency supplies.

"We are committed to raising $10,000 so the victims of this disaster can eat and stay warm after such a tragic loss. Many of the victims have lost loved ones as well as their homes, and we will do what we are able to get them through this difficult time," says Brent Hample, India Partners Executive Director.

Officials report as many as 4,500 could be dead on the southeast coast of India. Based on reports from India, tens of thousands have been rendered homeless and/or are injured, and many people are still missing. Based on India Partners' 20 years of past experience working in India's natural disasters, the agency is in the process of gathering relief that will include emergency food, blankets, and clothing for the displaced and homeless.

India Partners is well positioned to provide humanitarian help; the agency currently has partner organization offices along the southeast coast of India that include Madras-Chennai, Machilipatnam, and Kakinada. These towns are located in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, two of the hardest hit states of that country.

Long-term development programs in the area include child sponsorship programs, health programs, schools, and economic development activities that improve community access to food and clean water.

Headquarters Contact: Brent Hample, Eugene, Oregon: 541-683-0696