Orban on compensation after floods

News and Press Release
Originally published
Prime Minister on Hungarian Radio (26.04.2000)

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said the government would not categorically reject any claim related to flood damage. In a weekly interview on Hungarian public radio on 26th of April, Orban made it clear that he would try to block local governments from issuing building permits in flood plains, and would try to see to it that a National Lands Foundation being set up stops the cultivation of farmlands that are frequently flooded.

With regard to compensation, Orban said the state would pay for most road damage and was likely to decide in favour of assisting local governments in repairing damage to roads they own.

The government is also likely to fully indemnify local governments for damaged property which the local governments are required to manage, for instance schools. The Prime Minister said the state must pay fair compensation to people whose homes had to be demolished to reinforce dikes or do other defence work. These buildings were pulled down because they were obstructing work on the dikes. People whose homes were built on the flood plain and were damaged, are eligible to receive funds from civic organisations and private individuals, Orban said. He added that fewer buildings seemed to have been damaged this year than last, but that damage to roads and the costs of defence operations exceeded 1999 levels. (MTI)