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ACT Alliance Preliminary Appeal: Support to Migrants in Hungary - HUN151


Preliminary Appeal Target: US$ 261,081

Balance Requested: US$ 261,081

Geneva, 24 August 2015

Dear Colleagues,

A significant number of migrants coming from Northern and Middle Africa, Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq have recently arrived in Hungary. Approximately 110,000 displaced persons have been registered since the beginning of 2015. Authorities are unable to handle all the needs of the migrants and the number of displacements continues to increase rapidly.

While about 4,000-4,500 migrants are at the official refugee centres for several months, others stay in temporary shelters. In Budapest and bigger cities migrants have established resting places in the street.

The Municipality of Budapest is establishing so called “transit zones” close to each of the big railway stations that provide water and sanitary facilities to both migrants and the volunteers who are assisting them.

ACT member Hungarian Interchurch Aid is launching this preliminary appeal to help displaced persons in Hungary. It aims at providing hygienic items to the migrants, emergency shelters and preparing them for the winter, while also offering psycho-social support. By giving access to essential life-saving items, it will reduce vulnerability of the affected populations and help support their safety and dignity.