World Bank approves additional US$25 million for road rehabilitation in Honduras

Press Release No:2009/357/LAC

WASHINGTON, May 21, 2009 - The World Bank's Board of Executive Directors approved today an additional US$25 million to rehabilitate and improve roads damaged during the Tropical Storm No. 16, which caused considerable losses to the country's road infrastructure.

Rebeca Santos, Minister of Finance, stated that the credit approved today by the World Bank complements the US$48.6 million granted by mid last year for road rehabilitation. The first credit will be used to improve 200 km of roads, while supplementary funds will be for repairing additional 515 kms in areas impacted by the storm.

This new credit will allow for the improvement and rehabilitation of the following road spans:Tegucigalpa-Danli; La Entrada-Copan Ruins; La Entrada-Sta. Rosa de Copan-Ocotepeque; Santa Rita-Yoro.

"Sixteen bridges ruined by the storm will be reconstructed or entirely replaced," noted Laura Frigenti, World Bank's Country Director for Central America. "Additionally, secondary roads will be maintained and while supporting the efforts made by the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation to increase transparency so as to align the country's annual operating, budget and public procurement plans with the Sector Plan to be adopted by the end of 2010."

Dante Mossi, World Bank Senior Operations Official in Honduras, added that the funds approved today will also be used to improve procedures and policies associated with natural disaster mitigation and prevention measures.

The World Bank supports the Government of Honduras in its efforts to achieve social development and equity for its people. The supplementary credit approved today is clear evidence of such commitment.


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