WFP Honduras Country Brief, March 2017

Situation Report
Originally published



  • WFP Honduras continues reinforcing and preparing for emergency response. The process includes workshops that focus on disasters in urban areas and nutritional response for emergencies.

  • The School Feeding Program provides school meals to more children nationwide. In partnership with the government, this program seeks to provide school meal to all schools in the department of Gracias a Dios. This will be challenging as certain communities can only be accessed via air or sea.

Operational Updates

  • WFP in coordination with the ministries of Health and Education, and school children’s parents, implemented the first 2017 deworming campaign.
    This campaign dewormed 1.4 million preschool and primary school children.

  • Funded by private partners (SOLAR Power and Ficohsa Foundation), WFP assisted 8,500 schoolchildren. The goal is to provide food for 200 school days per year.

  • PROACT/DEVCO selected communities and beneficiaries based on vulnerability to food insecurity. A sectoral work plan and cash transfers mechanisms were also defined.

  • WFP Honduras and its partners continue to reinforce emergency preparedness and response. The process included workshops on disasters in urban areas and implementation of a nutritional response for emergencies. The objectives were to strengthen the network for emergency preparedness and response.

  • WFP also continued to augment national capacity on food handling and storage through workshops in Choluteca and La Ceiba.