USAID fact sheet: Assistance to Honduras

FY 1999
FY 2000
FY 2001
FY 2002
FY 2003
Total in US$ Millions
*Reflects Hurricane Mitch Reconstruction Funds

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) program in Honduras works in these areas:

Economic Growth: Assistance goes towards business facilitation, improving trade and investment, and identifying geographic areas with growth potential. Small and micro enterprises in Honduras receive USAID support for financial services, and farmers receive USAID assistance in crop improvement and diversification. USAID also coordinates with the Government of Honduras to reform economic policies.

Environment and Disaster Assistance: Activities in watersheds and protected areas deal with pressing needs for water resources. USAID has funded the creation of information systems for natural resource management and trained local officials in disaster preparedness. USAID has worked with the U.S Geological Survey to develop a Geographic Information System of maps, aerial photography, river topography, and hydrologic data in order to monitor and predict natural disasters.

Family Health: USAID helps the Honduras Ministry of Health and non-governmental organizations to improve health services, especially for child survival and controlling diseases and HIV infection. Assistance to family planning programs improves reproductive services. Emergency food assistance addresses problems of malnutrition.

Education: USAID activities help to improve the quality of and expand access to basic and vocational education and develop technology-based delivery systems for pre-school and secondary education. USAID assists the Ministry of Education's program that allows out-of-school youths and adults to access alternative forums for primary education. USAID plans to assist in workforce development.

Democracy: USAID efforts promote improvements, especially in municipal governments, for responding to citizens' needs and covering basic services (water, sewer, refuse collection). USAID assists in justice sector reform, including Honduras' new Criminal Procedures Code, and provides training and support for an anti-corruption unit in the government. Support also goes towards civil society groups.

Hurricane Mitch Reconstruction: USAID's program recently completed Honduras' reconstruction needs after Hurricane Mitch. The U.S. Government approved $962.8 million in assistance for Mitch reconstruction; of this, USAID/Honduras implemented $293.1 million. The Mitch Reconstruction activities focused on economic growth, public health, housing for dislocated families, education, environment and disaster, and accountability and governance.

The U.S. Agency for International Development has provided economic and humanitarian assistance worldwide for more than 40 years.

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