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Protection in the North of Central America Snapshot June – July 2018

Situation Report
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This report, led by the Norwegian Refugee Council and supported by UNHCR, stems from an initiative of the REDLAC Regional Protection Group and aims to improve the analysis and visibility of the ongoing protection crisis in the North of Central America. The analysis is based on a series of qualitative and quantitative indicators on violence and displacement, using as primary sources inputs from operational organisations based in the region and official statistics, as well as reports from a wide range of press, academia and civil society. The analysis is based on available data for June and July 2018, as well as information from the past two years, for comparison and to fill data gaps. The report will be updated every two months in 2018.
Ongoing support from humanitarian organisations is therefore essential for ensuring the quality and coherence of each update. The reports are also intended to support the Protection Groups based in each of the countries of the NCA, to improve context analysis and joint positioning for responding to displacement.

Key Figures

High level of violence persists

  • 283 homicides in Honduras, 303 in El Salvador, and 316 in Guatemala in June alone.
    In June and July in Honduras, 3 schools and 2 peaceful demonstrations were attacked. In El Salvador, 1 health centre 2 police cars, 2 bus routes, 2 schools were attacked. In Guatemala, 8 environmental defenders and indigenous leaders were murdered, and attacks were reported during a demonstration, as well as against 11 census-takers and 4 buses.

  • In June alone, 213 rapes were registered in El Salvador. In Guatemala, every four hours, a girl under the age of 15 gives birth.

  • In El Salvador, in June and July 141 reports of extortion were registered.

  • In June alone there were 749 reports of extortion in Guatemala.

  • In June and July, 7 kidnappings, 7 cases of human trafficking, and 13 massacres were reported in the press in Honduras, and 22 kidnappings were reported in El Salvador (observers estimate that 5 people disappear each day). In Guatemala a nationwide alert for missing children was activated 308 times.

  • During June and July 13,001 people were deported to Honduras, 4,096 to El Salvador and 13,313 to Guatemala.