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Silver Spring, Maryland - The Adventist Development and Relief Agency International (ADRA) assisted more than 2,000 families after Hurricane Michelle dumped heavy rains on northern Honduras in early November 2001, according to the final aid report.
With an active presence in the flood region, ADRA Honduras delivered relief supplies to the towns and villages of La Ceiba, Tela, El Progreso, La Lima, Baracoa, Campana, Las Cuarentas, Tocoa, Trujillo, Tocamacho, and Olanchito. ADRA=B9s aid included food, medicine, clothing, and mattresses.

Rice, beans, sugar, corn meal, and cooking oil were packed into family-sized bags and delivered directly to families in greatest need, especially single mothers with small children and senior citizens with no family support. In addition, medicines and mattresses were delivered. ADRA International, the ADRA regional office for Central America, and the local and regional offices of the Seventh-day Adventist Church funded this emergency response.

Just three years after Hurricane Mitch devastated large parts of the country, the heavy rains of Hurricane Michelle flooded the drought-hardened ground in the primary agricultural belt. In addition to destroying critically-needed citrus, banana, and other tropical fruit crops, the overflowing rivers washed away the retention walls so laboriously built following Hurricane Mitch.

ADRA Honduras has been organized since 1982. One of its major projects has been the construction of houses for survivors of Hurricane Mitch. In addition, ADRA Honduras has been meeting the needs of the survivors of Hurricane Mitch through a variety of ways such as social workers, gardening and forestation training, and health services.

With 6.2 million residents, Honduras is bordered by Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, and both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It is slightly smaller than Malawi. The adult literacy rate is 71 percent. Life expectancy for men is 68; while for women it is 72. The infant mortality rate is 31 per 1,000 births.

Providing individual and community development and disaster relief without regard to political or religious association, age, or ethnicity, ADRA is present in more than 125 nations.

Additional information about ADRA can be found on its web site at www.adra.org.


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