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Hurricane Eta & Iota Situation Report No. 9 (December 2– 6pm)

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  • Honduras: 414 health facilities have reported damage, of which, 120 health facilities are reported inoperative, 27 health facilities are collapsed and 12 report damage to cold chain equipment. Additionally, 99 health facilities report health personnel directly affected, complicating the continuity of health services. Approximately 2 million people have limited or no access to health services due to damage to the health services network, of which at least 500,000 have health needs. Furthermore, around 94,000 people remain in shelters, decreasing 81,000 since last week.

  • Guatemala: 206 health facilities have reported damage, including: 79 in Alta Verapaz, 13 in Izabal, 36 in Quiche, 65 in Huehuetenango and 13 in Peten. No major health facility has reported damages. Furthermore, around 30,000 people remain in 317 shelters, decreasing 2,000 since last week. It is estimated the health sector requires at least USD$ 2 million to restore the operational functions of its service network in the five most affected departments (Alta Verapaz, Quiché, Petén, Izabal and Huehuetenango).

  • Colombia: Providencia reports 1 health facility completely damaged and nonoperative. Medical teams were deployed, mental health first aid has been provided and a field emergency hospital has been installed including outpatient services, emergency rooms with isolation capacity, and clinical lab. Furthermore, around 800 people remain in shelters.