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Hurricane Eta & Iota Situation Report No. 6 (16 November 2020 - 7pm)

Situation Report
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Honduras reports 74 deaths, 8 people missing and 55,435 people in shelters. 37 out of 71 health facilities in Cortes have reported damage, of which: more than 27 health facilities are inoperative, 10 health facilities report total loss of cold chain equipment and vaccines and several report lack of access to drinking water and electricity, and lack of health personnel. Furthermore, most dams throughout the country are at 100% capacity, while rains continue in different regions of the country.

Guatemala reports 53 deaths, 96 people missing and 18,055 people in 149 shelters. 72 health facilities have reported damage: 33 in Alta Verapaz (including 1 hospital destroyed), 13 in Izabal and 26 in Quiche. Furthermore, 80 of 112 official shelters in Alta Verapaz, Izabal and Quiche have been assessed and several report poor sanitary conditions as well as cases of acute respiratory infections, foodborne diseases, skin infections and chronic diseases (see chart page 3).

Belize reports 2 health facilities closed due to lack of access as a result of flooding, and 1 health facility operating in emergency mode (no outpatient services available).

Costa Rica reports 2 deaths and 327 people in 30 shelters. Around 60,000 people remain without access to drinking water and the government is mobilizing water trucks to the affected population.

Panama reports 19 deaths,12 people missing and 2,424 people in 32 shelters.

El Salvador reports 2 deaths and 399 people in 13 shelters. National red alert declared for hurricane Iota.

Colombia reports several damages in San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina as a result of hurricane Iota. Damage assessment is still ongoing.

Hurricane Iota: As of November 16, 7pm Hurricane Iota, a category 5, is moving toward the west near 9 mph (15 km/h) with maximum sustained winds are near 160 mph (260 km/h). Little change in strength is expected until landfall, but rapid weakening is forecast after Iota moves inland.

o Hurricane Iota is expected to produce heavy rainfall which will lead to lifethreatening flash flooding and river flooding across portions of Central America. o Rainfall accumulations expected through Thursday:

-Honduras, northern Nicaragua, southeast Guatemala and southern Belize: 10 to 20 inches (250 to 500 mm). Isolated maximum totals of 30 inches (750 mm) will be possible, especially from northeast Nicaragua into northern Honduras.

-El Salvador and Panama: 6 to 10 inches (150 to 250 mm), with isolated maximum totals of 15 inches (380 mm).