Honduras + 2 more

Hurricane Eta & Iota Situation Report #3



• Project HOPE is on the ground in Honduras coordinating shipments of PPE and preparing for other health and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programing.

• In Nicaragua, HOPE is mobilizing an initial shipment of 50,000 masks to health partners.

• Across Honduras 969 shelters are housing 88,700 people.

• COVID-19 cases are rapidly rising in Honduras with 1,972 new cases confirmed last week.

• 2.5 million people in Honduras have limited or no access to health services due to storm damage.

• Honduras reports that more than 4 million people were affected by Hurricanes Eta and Iota.

One week after Hurricane Iota, the situation in Honduras and other Central American countries remains critical. Heavy rainfall and wind from the two recent hurricanes have impacted nationwide infrastructure isolating 185,000 people in Honduras, and damaging roadways, homes, hospitals and health clinics. In the Santa Barbara Department, many areas remain flooded and the region’s main airport remains closed. 2.5 million people in Honduras due to damage to health facilities. 10 health facilities in the region also report a total loss of cold-chain equipment, as facilities prepare for COVID-19 vaccine distribution. Honduras reported 1,972 new COVID-19 cases in the last week.

In Nicaragua, official shelter populations have reduced to 10,400, down from 160,000 just prior to Iota, and public health brigades have reached 120,000 with health services. In Guatemala, 31,600 people remain in official shelters while an additional 202,800 are reported to be in unofficial shelters. In the past week, Guatemala has confirmed 3,690 new cases of COVID-19.