Honduras: UNICEF Situation Report - 20 Oct 2008

Situation Report
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To date, 126,892 people have been affected by the floods caused by the Tropical Depression Number 16 during the last weekend, among them nearly 63,000 children. Today the Government has declared a national emergency which has severely affected 16 of 18 Departments, 48 municipalities and 312 communities.

According to COPECO the situation is expected to worsen in the next 24 hours, as heavy rainfall is expected for that period. The municipalities of Pimienta, Potrerillos, Villanueva, San Manuel, in the Department of Cortés; Tela in the Department of Atlántida; El Progreso, Santa Rita and El Negrito, in the Department of Yoro; and the Departments of Comayagua, Choluteca and Valle are most severely affected.

Severe landslides have affected communities located in the Western and Southern Regions of the Country. Landsides in the capital city caused the death of six (6) people among them three (3) children and the displacement of nearly 500 inhabitants. The floods in the Southern side of the country have isolated poor rural communities and the rivers in the Valley of Sula in the Northern Region are could overflow, increasing the number of affected people.