Honduras: Situation Report no. 8 - Emergencies October 2008


1.-Current Situation

The Permanent Commission for Contingencies, COPECO, continues with its relief activities. Due to the fact that there are communities isolated for floods, COPECO is bringing humanitarian aid using helicopters.

A report from the UNICEF Sponsored Journalist Children Network in the city of San Pedro Sula, has revealed that in the city 598 children had to be sheltered during the emergency.

Fortunately none of them was injured or suffered a loss of any of their parents. Six school buildings have been used as shelters.

COPECO has closed the damages assessment for the Tropical Depression 16, and now is reporting the damages regarding the Cold Front.

Table of Damages for new cold front

 Affected people:
 Death people:
 Disappeared people:
 Evacuated people:
 Directly affected people:
 Houses damaged:
 Houses destroyed:
 Bridges damaged:
 Bridges destroyed:

Weather conditions:

The day is cloudy in the Northern part having some rainfall today and tomorrow. Along the north coast from Puerto Cortes all the way to La Mosquitia is rainy with a higher precipitation in the Department of Atlántida. Inland is also cloudy with tiny rainfall.


The Valle de Sula, insular and northern part will be under cloudy conditions with some rainfall. The North winds will be moving towards the Northeast with a velocity of 25 to 45 km/hr. La Mosquitia will have dispersed rainfall.

The North East maintains a partially cloudy condition with isolated rainfall. The South will have a partially cloudy condition without rainfall. Tegucigalpa and surroundings will be cloudy with some tiny rainfall.

Temperatures in the Northern part will be in the 27 centigrade's Celsius. The Central area will have temperatures of 24 centigrade's Celsius with a precipitation between 50 and 80mm. La Mosquitia will have a range of 25 and 30 mm of rainfall. The rest of the country will have between 10 and 25 mm except the South part.


The RED ALERT remains in the Counties of Corquín and Cucuyagua in Department of Copán, Belén Gualcho in Ocotepeque Department. YELLOW ALERT will remain in the Central District of Francisco Morazán and extended to the departments of Cortes, Atlántida, North of Yoro and Colón. GREEN ALERT is declared for the departments of Bay Islands, gracias a Dios and North of Comayagua and Olancho.