Honduras: Situation Report no. 7 - Emergencies October 2008

Situation Report
Originally published


1.-Current Situation

The Permanent Commission for Contingencies, COPECO, has started the coordination of evacuating people in the departments of Atlántida and Colon. The front cold is bringing a considerable amount of rain fall in the area allowing the main rivers to overflow. Two passenger buses were rescued after being trapped by the Saba River. COPECO continues its relief activities in coordination with NGO=B4s and the UN.

As a result of the meeting held by the Government=B4s Cabinet, a housing rehabilitation and reconstruction, road reconstruction and an agricultural rehabilitation plan have been developed.

Moreover, the Government has decided to sell the strategic reserve of basic grains (maize and beans). The objective of the transaction is to obtain funds to purchase basic grains, thus, the agricultural market will be stimulated.