Honduras: Situation Report no. 4 - Rains October 2008

Situation Report
Originally published


1.-Current Situation

Weather conditions: The conditions have been improved. Locally rains are still remaining whole country.

Forecast: A low small pressure is moving across in the Eastern of Honduras and Nicaragua, expanding above the Caribbean Coast. The tropical wave # 43 is leaving the western side of the country. A cold system is expecting to arrive at Yucatan.

Source: COPECO

Alerts: The RED ALERT has been issued for 24 more hours in the municipalities of Corquín and Cucuyagua in Copan Department; and Belén Gualcho in Ocotepeque; and Cortes Department. YELLOW ALERT has been declared in Atlántida, Yoro, Olancho, Colón, Francisco Morazán, El Paraíso, Gracias a Dios, Choluteca and Valle. GREEN ALERT has been declared for the rest of the country.

Affected areas:

New floods areas are being reported along the country, manly in the lowland of the Department of Comayagua, Cortes, La Paz and Gracias a Dios, and Marale Francisco Morazan, which is a hilly area habited by indigenous population.

In Tegucigalpa, due to the landslide in the Bambú ravine, a 780 people have been evacuated at Las Cabañas, El Eden and El Reparto neighborhoods, and 650 of them are in shelters, and the rest are in families' houses. Due a potential landslide at Ulloa neighborhood 232 people have been evacuated.

Since Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon the Government will be working in minimum discharges at the Cajon dam.

A need assessment was carried out by the CODEM of Tegucigalpa, and it indicates a total of 2,300 people in shelters; 280 houses are uninhabitable in 97 neighborhoods.

Areas in risk: 500 people at the Ulloa neiborghood in Tegucigalpa.