Honduras: Situation Report no. 1 - Rain october 2008

Situation Report
Originally published


A. Background

Due to a series of meteorological events in the last 10 days, the Government of Honduras announced a state of emergency on October 19 (Executive Decree #0292008). To the rain associated to the 16th tropical depression of the season, formed on October 13, a low depression current interacted in the Pacific coast, accompanied by a swell and later on October 17 a low depression stationary zone in the Gulf of Honduras. This brought as a consequence rains of diverse intensity in the whole country but mainly in the central and western area. The rains on Thursday caused the overflow of the Tocoa River in the department of Colon and floods in agricultural-farm areas of the department of Atlántida (municipalities of Arizona, Esparta and La Masica). On Thursday because of landslides a damn on the Coyol river was formed between the municipalities of Corquin and Cucuyagua in the department of Copan, putting at risk 163 families, which have been temporarily evacuated. The situation was normalized on Friday.