Honduras + 3 more

Honduras – Population displacement (DG ECHO, ACAPS) (ECHO Daily Flash of 13 May 2022)

  • Over 24,000 irregular migrants entered Honduras between January and April 2022, mostly Cubans (70%), Nicaraguans and Venezuelans.

  • In recent weeks, this flow of irregular migrants in transit increased significantly in the municipalities of Trojes and Danli where, last month the average number of people who sought shelter exceeded 500 per day (15% were unaccompanied children), while the capacity is limited to 170 persons. The inability to pay a USD 200 fine for violating migration laws saw people stranded in the border areas.

  • The increased influx of people is generating important humanitarian challenges. The main needs are access to food and safe drinking water, basic hygiene and sanitation services, medical care (including psychosocial support), temporary shelters, solid waste management, protection, restoring family links as well as information outreach on migration procedures and access to National Migration Institute offices.

  • The UN is coordinating needs assessment. DG ECHO partners are providing assistance in the area. The current humanitarian requires better coordination and inclusion of local population in the response.