Honduras - IOM assists victims of Hurricane Keith

from International Organization for Migration
Published on 03 Oct 2000
From IOM Press Briefing Notes
by Jean Philippe Chauzy, IOM Spokesperson

IOM staff in Honduras has assisted the flood victims of Hurricane Keith that hit the Caribbean shore of eastern Honduras over the weekend. IOM and partner NGOs evacuated over 200 families whose temporary shelters were washed away or flooded by the raging floodwaters.

One of the most affected areas was the capital city of Tegucigalpa and adjacent areas. In Amarateca, some 20 kilometres from the capital, the families that had been resettled by IOM from shelters in Tegucigalpa to work on the construction of their permanent homes, were affected flooded out of their shelters. One person died under a collapsed wall and two others were injured.

Working with Honduran fire fighters and the National Police, IOM transferred the families to the permanent homes that are still under construction. IOM and its partner NGOs also provided medical attention and hot meals during the weekend. Following the emergency evacuation and transfer of the affected families, IOM provided mattresses, sheets, cooking utensils, kerosene stoves, plastic cups, plastic sheeting, and chlorine to purify the water.

Forecasters are predicting that Hurricane Keith could bring torrential rainfall that could easily exceed half a metre, causing what life-threatening flash floods. The people of Central America are still recovering from Hurricane Mitch that hit the region in October of 1998 that caused thousands of deaths and left hundreds of thousands homeless.

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