Honduras: Heavy Rains Situation Report No. 04, 24 Oct 2008


Country: Honduras

Name and type of operation: PRRO 10444.0

Reporting period: 19 / Oct / 08 to 23 / Oct / 08

Date of report: 24th of October 2008

1. Description of the last Floods Events:

New floods areas are being reported along the country, manly in the lowland of the Department of Comayagua, Cortes, La Paz and Gracias a Dios, and Marale Francisco Morazan, which is a hilly area habited by indigenous population. More than 257,000 people had been affected, in more than 500 communities, and the number of people living in temporal shelters is rapidly increasing (more than 19,000).

WFP is providing assistance to the most affected areas and vulnerable population; however, current shortfall in PRRO 10444 is seriously limiting the Country Office to respond in a timely and an efficient manner. So far, 266 MT of food had been distributed among affected people.

Damage reports in the agricultural sector are increasing also, where more than 1,660 hectares have been affected.