Honduras: Heavy Rains Situation Report No. 03, 23 Oct 2008

Situation Report
Originally published


Country: Honduras

Name and type of operation: PRRO 10444.0

Reporting period: 19 / Oct / 08 to 23 / Oct / 08

Date of report: 23th of October 2008

1. Description of the last Floods Events:

Even though most of the country has been affected; the main damages occurred in the lowlands of the departments of Cortes, Yoro, Comayagua, Choluteca, and El Paraiso, and in the hilly areas of Copan and Francisco Morazan. Local emergencies had been declared by more than 40 municipalities, and a National Emergency was also declared by the President of Honduras, requesting humanitarian aid to international donors and the UN.

More than 226,000 people had been affected, in near 500 communities. Heavy and steady rainfalls have affected sixteen out of the eighteen departments of Honduras. WFP is providing assistance to the most affected areas and vulnerable population; however, current shortfall in PRRO 10444 is seriously limiting the Country Office to respond in a timely and an efficient manner. So far, 107 MT of food had been distributed among affected people, benefiting near 5,500 families (some 27,000 beneficiaries)

Damage to livelihood systems, mainly to roads, housing and the agricultural sector also occurred, which will negatively affect sources of income, and widespread food insecurity among most vulnerable population. Even, the damage to agricultural sector haven't been quantified, there is an estimation of 1307 hectares affected in Comayagua Valley and Copan. Main damages are reported in the Sula Valley and Choluteca.