Honduras floods - 24 Oct 2008

Honduras has declared a state of emergency following a spate of landslides and flooding which the government says has killed 23 people and forced more than 22,000 people to move to makeshift shelters.

Christian Aid local partners have already begun delivering emergency food aid to five hundred families in the Sula valley who were forced to flee their homes.

Assessment teams are visiting communities to identify the most vulnerable and will provide help in the form of food, hygiene kits, blankets and medicines to around 2,500 families in the coming days.

Partners CASM, OCDIH and ASONOG have been working with communities in Honduras to encourage them to monitor river levels to allow enough time to evacuate safely.

CASM has also provided families with watertight metal granaries so they can preserve their food and not lose all their provisions in the flood.

More rain is expected in Honduras and officials warn that the humanitarian situation could worsen.