Extreme floods cause Honduran government to declare state of emergency

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Constant, heavy, tropical rains during the last ten days have hit three of the poorest areas of Honduras. All are areas that Plan works in. To make matters worse, more rains are forecast and experts are bracing for additional landslides and floods.

Latest government reports indicate that over 200,000 people throughout the country have been affected.

Those who have lost their homes are being relocated to temporary shelters. In collaboration with other organizations, Plan is actively providing toys, painting books, play activities and educational activities for more than 160 children in one shelter.

Roads are impassable, there is damage to bridges, and many crops have been washed away. The Government of Honduras has declared a state of emergency and President Mel Zelaya has asked for support from the international community to help respond to the situation.

Plan on the ground

Plan is on the ground dealing with the effects of landslides and burst dams and providing support to families that have been evacuated from their communities. We are also assessing affected areas, monitoring for outbreak of disease, and providing food and other support in the region of Copan.

Many of the affected communities and municipalities are in areas where Plan works. Houses, crops and even water systems have been destroyed. Assessments in these areas are ongoing.

Current situation

To date, 23 people have died, 12 people are missing, more than 23,000 people have been evacuated from their homes, and more than 200,000 have been affected across Honduras. In addition, 5,700 homes have been destroyed and more than 24,000 have been damaged.

Most families depend on coffee, corn and bean crops to make a living. With nearly all of the crops destroyed, these families have lost their means of livelihood.

Donate today

Please make a donation today to help the children and families affected by the floods across Honduras. With your help, Plan will ensure short-term relief and long-term solutions.