Effect of the cold front affecting Honduras - Situation Report no. 9


Country: Honduras

Name and type of operation: PRRO 10444.0

Reporting period: 30 / Oct / 08 to 3/ Nov/ 08

Date of report: 4 of November 2008

1. Main Events:

In addition to the 280,000 people affected, 34 deaths and, 16 missing left by the tropical depression nationwide the rainfall left by the cold front, caused floods mainly in Colon Atlantida, Gracias a Dios, Cortes y Yoro Provinces.

More than 32,000 people affected by the cold front, and more than 7,000 living in temporal shelters. Also seven people have been reported dead and 3 missing because of the floods. The floods also caused damages to the infrastructure, mainly roads, bridges and houses. About 1051 houses have been damages and 235 destroyed (table 1).

WFP in coordination with national and local authorities WFP is providing a timely response to affected population, through food pre-positioned in the area. So far 3.482 families had received food assistance (10 days ration). About 44 MT have been distributed, during the first two day of the emergency. Five shelters have been opened in Colon.

Around 50,000 people have been left isolated by the flood in the provinces of Colón and Gracias a Dios. In the case of Colon Province, around 16 MT need to be delivered to provide food assistance to about 5,750 people. So far, 5 airlifts out of 23 have been already carried out in coordination with COPECO and the Honduras Air Force. In gracias a Dios province, about 15,000 are going to be assisted in coordination with COPECO and the Bravo Task Force (US Southern Command).