Effect of the cold front affecting Honduras - Situation Report no. 10

Country: Honduras

Name and type of operation: PRRO 10444.0

Reporting period: 4 / Oct / 08 to 4/ Nov/ 08

Date of report: 5 of November 2008

1. Main Events:

Flooding caused by the front cold in Atlantida, Colon Yoro and Cortes Provinces left more than 32,000 people affected and more than 7,000 living in temporal shelters. In addition to the above, the rainfall as well as the increase in the water level of the Segovia, Platano and Tinto rivers have caused floods in the municipalities of de Juan Francisco Bulnes, Wampusirpi, Ahuas, Barra Patuca and Brus Laguna in Gracias a Dios Province. The most affected areas are the communities of Palacios, Batalla, Limonales, La Perra, Bum, Buenos Aires, Pueblo Nuevo, and Buena Vista. In the case of the Tinto River the increase in the water level has enlarged the size of the delta.

Furthermore, a "Tropical depression number 17" is located 185 kilometers from the Gracias a Dios province, which will leave in the next 30 hours up 200mm in Gracias a Dios and approximately 100 millimeters in Colón and Northern Olancho provinces.

The National Contingency Commission (COPECO) has declared red alert for the departments of Gracias a Dios, Eastern sector of Colón, Northern Olancho, as well as for the municipalities of Corquín and Cucuyagua, in Copán and Belén Gualcho, in Ocotepeque due to the increase in the landslide risk of the geological failures.

WFP, in coordination with national and local authorities, is providing a timely response to affected population, through food pre-positioned in the most vulnerable areas. So far, more almost 480 MT of food have been distributed, benefiting more than 25,000 families in 65 municipalities.