Effect of the cold front affecting Honduras - Situation Report no. 05

Situation Report
Originally published


Country: Honduras

Name and type of operation: PRRO 10444.0

Reporting period: 23 / Oct / 08 to 26 / Oct / 08

Date of report: 27th of October 2008

1. Description of the last Floods Events:

Base on the cold front risk COPECO maintained red alert for the municipalities of Corquín and Cucuyagua en Copán province; and Belén Gualcho en Ocotepeque. Red alert was also extended to the municipalities along Humuya and Ulua River in the provinces of Cortés and Yoro (Sula Valley); and the provinces of Colón and Atlántida in the Caribbean Coast.

The first report of WFP monitor in Colon shows three people missing, near of 1,200 people evacuated, 462 damages and 2 destroyed. The pteventive evacuation process have been also raking place in la Ceiba, Atlantida.

In order to provide a timely response, WFP had pre-positioned 50 MT of food in Atlantic and Colon. the food both inis providing assistance to the most affected areas and vulnerable population; so far, 331 MT of food had been distributed among affected people. However, current shortfall in PRRO 10444 is seriously limiting the Country Office to respond in a timely and an efficient manner.