AMDA emergency relief activities for Honduras - no. 2

Situation Report
Originally published
According to the Honduran government, as of Nov. 4th , the death toll has reached 34 with 279,972 people being affected by the recent Tropical Depression 16.

Requested by El Paraiso's Health Beaureau, AMDA Honduras conducted mobile clinic from Oct. 27th to 29th in Danli district, El Paraiso. On Oct. 27th and 28th respectively, the mobile clinic was held at the community center in Villa Rica (161 patients), and at the elementary school in the village of La Lima De Esquapa (143 patients).

On Oct.29th, as there were no public facilities such as schools or churches in the village of Ojo De Matazano, AMDA's relief team visited each household to provide treatment.

Overall the three-day mobile clinic had seen 355 patients with common maladies including parasitic diseases (24%), acute respiratory infections (21%), anemia (13%), skin allergy disorder (9%) and headache (7%). With the correct treatment, it subsided without any further complication.

As an increasing number of evacuees began returning home (some to their relatives'), on 29th Oct. AMDA team and the Health Bureau agreed to end the mobile clinic. It was also determined that the service had already fulfilled its needs in accessible locations.

Meanwhile, for the communities that are not accessible due to landslides and floods, the team will closely follow the progress in road restoration and seek possibilities for further activities.

AMDA Team:

  • 3 doctors (1 Honduran, 2 Cuban)
  • 3 nurses (2 Honduran, 1 Japanese),
  • 4 coordinators (3 Honduran, 1 Japanese)
  • 2 environment sanitation specialist (Honduran)