AMDA emergency relief activities for Honduras

On the 16th of October Tropical Depression 16 landed in the northern Honduras bringing heavy rain to the region causing many local rivers to burst their banks and heavily flooding the region. Due to the damaged caused by flooding and landslides, the Government of Honduras declared a state of emergency on the 19th of October and reported as of 24th of October the death toll was at 30. Estimated number of affected people is about 676,000. The worse affected areas are north-west, south and central-east region including the capital, Tegucigalpa. In particular the north and the south of Honduras are not accessible or very difficult to access by any means of transportation.

AMDA has been present in Honduras for a long time and currently has two different medical projects, namely reproductive health and HIV prevention, jointly conducted by Japanese and local staff. After confirming the safety of the two Japanese and 12 local staffs at the El Paraiso Office, AMDA headquarters has decided to conduct emergency relief activities for the affected people.

On the 24th of October, the project leader (Japanese national) and two local staffs from the AMDA project visited Danli city (one of the AMDA project sites) in El Paraiso. The above team of 3 attended a meeting organized by the district commission for emergency relief and discussed the current situation, need and AMDA's proposed location for emergency relief activity with the local officials. Following the discussion the team visited the Jutiapa area in Danli accompanied by local health officials. The team witnessed damaged houses and houses inundated with flood in the Danli city. They were also told 3 people lost their life and about 2,300 people were affected by this calamity.

Health facilities in Danli city is functioning, however due to the flood people from many areas are unable to access many of these facilities. Among the common diseases there were skin infection, leptospira- a bacterial infection from livestock, and upper respiratory track infections. There is a concern for an outbreak of malaria and dengue fever in the region.

After the initial research, AMDA has decided to conduct mobile clinic in most needed areas of El Paraiso district. AMDA project leader and local staffs including doctors procure medicine and medical equipments in Tegucigalpa for the clinic and coordinate the activity with the local health bureau. The team has planned to conduct the mobile clinic from the 27th of October.