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Afternoon flight out of Denver will carry 18 tons of basic supplies to quake zone

DENVER, January 14, 2010 - Today, Christian humanitarian agency, World Vision will rush 18 tons of life-saving supplies from its warehouse in Denver to the island nation of Haiti, which was hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake Tuesday, which has affected some 3 million people.

These supplies and others already pre-positioned by the aid group will help meet the immediate survival needs of those affected by the quake until rebuilding efforts can begin.

"When emergencies like this earthquake happen, it is critical that people gain access to basic supplies as quickly as possible," said Amanda Pennington, communications officer for World Vision's Global Pre-Positioning Resource Network. "We keep supplies like these ready at all times in warehouses around the world, so that we can move immediately when emergencies like this happen anywhere."

Today's shipment will include the following supplies:

- tarpaulins for temporary shelter

- blankets

- hygiene kits, which include a month's supply of toilet paper, sanitary pads, toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, body soap and laundry soap for a family of five

- cooking sets, which include aluminum pots and pans, bowls, utensils

The flight will leave Denver airport today at 4:30 p.m. and is scheduled to arrive in Port-au-Prince at 6:30 a.m. on Friday.

World Vision has been working in Haiti for some 30 years and had 370 staff members in Port-au-Prince when the quake hit. While World Vision's office in the capital sustained significant damage, all staff were confirmed safe and are initiating a response to the devastation.

World Vision will be packaging the palettes of supplies and will have staff available for interview between 8 and 10 a.m. CT at its warehouse at 11000 East 40th Avenue, Denver, CO 80239.

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World Vision Welcomes Corporate Partnerships for Haiti Relief Response; Advises on Preferred Actions at Preliminary Emergency Relief Stage

In response to the 7.3 magnitude earthquake that devastated Haiti on January 12th, World Vision is working with corporations throughout the United States to assess current needs and devise both short-term and long-term responses to assist children and families in the hardest hit communities.

World Vision, which has worked in Haiti for three decades, has some 370 staff on the ground and has begun an immediate response to help serve the roughly 3 million people in the heavily impacted Port-au-Prince region. In anticipation of disasters, World Vision already had relief supplies in Haiti and will begin distributing them as quickly as possible. However, more supplies will be desperately needed and the organization plans to purchase them immediately, most likely in south Florida or the Dominican Republic.

Therefore, World Vision is requesting cash donations from corporations and/or the formation of co-branded fundraising campaigns with employees, customers, and other partners. Such donations or campaigns will help purchase large quantities of additional relief supplies. These goods will stock emergency kits, which will include items such as personal hygiene products, kitchen sets, and water purification tablets. Emergency kits are designed to serve families of five and cost $100 each.

Corporations can join World Vision's Haiti Relief Response by calling 1-800-642-1616.

Widespread damage - including destruction of roads, hospitals, schools, government buildings, and United Nations headquarters - are making relief efforts extraordinarily difficult. As World Vision assessment teams continue their work in the coming days and weeks, solicitations for specific products will be made by the organization.

World Vision works in five regions (north, south, west, northwest, and center) of Haiti through 20 area development programs serving more than 300,000 children, with more than 52,000 sponsored children in FY2009. With an average income of $520 a year, Haiti is the least-developed countries in the Western Hemisphere and among the poorest in the world.


World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. For more information, please visit, www.worldvision.org/press

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