WFP provides food to close to 3 million people in Haiti

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The World Food Programme (WFP) has reached over two-and-a-half million people with food rations in Port-au-Prince, the capital of earthquake-hit Haiti.

WFP says that in addition, half a million people in the surrounding areas have received food assistance.

They include 30,000 people in Jacmel who receive a daily hot meal and more than 200,000 in and around Leogane who have been provided with food rations.

WFP spokesperson Emilia Casella says the agency has extended the scaled up distribution of rice for a further week to reach people in some of the more densely populated areas of Port-au-Prince where many displaced people have gathered.

"And then now what we are going to be doing is scaling up to provide a fuller food basket, rice, beans, cooking oil, corn soy blend, which is a high nutrient fortified food and cooking oil to about 1.5 million people in Port-au-Prince starting in early March. So that will be focused on the people who are most vulnerable, those people who are still in particular need of food assistance."

Emilia Casella says next week WFP will begin providing cooked meals for school children in Port-au-Prince.

The programme will start on Monday with 19 schools in the city and will be scaled up to reach 50,000 children at 70 schools.

Diane Bailey, United Nations

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