WFP Haiti: Emergency Situation Report #1, 19 August 2021


In Numbers

578,000 food insecure people in affected areas

3 regions affected: South, Nippes and Grande-Anse

Over 1,900 fatalities

Over 9,900 injured

71,887 persons assisted in the affected regions since the beginning of the month


• WFP’s top priorities are to support medical relief operations and to provide food in hospitals to people injured, their families and medical staff.

• WFP distributed over 2,160 hot meals to hospitals in Les Cayes and over 18,000 people received cash transfers and food assistance since the earthquake.

• Logistics support are provided to Search and Rescue teams on the ground in Les Cayes, Camp Perrin, Marceline and Maniche.

Situation Update

• A 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti on Saturday, 14 August. Over 1,900 people died while 9,900 were injured.

• Following many aftershocks, the Tropical storm Grace hit the southern part of Haiti on 16 August, slowing down relief efforts.

• Insecurity is a growing concern. Police escort is necessary for convoys to Les Cayes and at distribution sites.

• WFP supports the National Coordination for Food Security (CNSA) with the ongoing Emergency Food Security Assessment (EFSA).

WFP Response

• WFP Response Plan includes General Food Assistance (food and cash) as well as distributions of hot meals in hospitals; Early Recovery interventions, such as road repair and rehabilitation of small agricultural infrastructures.

• WFP immediate response prioritizes common logistic services for search and rescue teams, health actors and medical supplies, assessment of affected areas, and emergency food assistance in hospitals.

• Since 14 August, over 18,000 people received one month food assistance composed of 39,000 kilos of rice, beans, vegetable oil and USD 295,700 in cash transfers.