WFP Haiti Earthquake Situation Report

Situation Report
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Current Caseload 2010: 1.9 million people

Cost of WFP IDP operations in Haiti: US$99 million (Food operations US$79 million, Logistics US$20 million)

Time frame: January to December 2010

WFP Staff in Haiti: 225

The Current Situation in Haiti

- Due to the 7.0 scale earthquake which hit Haiti at 1700 hours local time, there are reports of extensive damage to much of the city of Port-au-Prince. The WFP office is also damaged. The city currently has no water, no food supplies, no electricity and telecommunications facilities are down.

- All 32 WFP international staff are accounted for, and there are ongoing efforts to account for our 193 local staff.

WFP Response

- WFP has already approved a US$500,000 immediate response Emergency Operation in support of relief efforts. The need for further operations is being reviewed.

- WFP has established a logistics hub in the neighbouring Dominican Republic and has begun acquiring logistics assets such as a coastal vessel that will help to deliver assistance without unduly impacting on the crippled logistics infrastructure.

- WFP has declared the crisis in Haiti a "Corporate Emergency", meaning that WFP's full global resources will be brought to bear in the response.

- WFP is deploying today seven logistics staff and three telecommunications staff to help support relief efforts through the activation of the Logistics and Telecommunications Clusters. Two Staff counsellors have also been deployed.

- WFP has designated the Panama UN Humanitarian Response Depot as a staging area for the provision of humanitarian support to Haiti. A plane is ready on standby, ready to leave for Haiti today with a range of humanitarian items on-board.