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USAID Response to 2021 Haiti Earthquake


On August 14, 2021, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck southwestern Haiti, approximately 80 miles west of the capital Port-au-Prince. Within hours, USAID deployed a Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) to lead the U.S. Government’s response, search for survivors, assess needs, and provide lifesaving assistance.

$32 million in humanitarian aid provided by the United States to support people affected by the earthquake.

Critical Food and Relief SuppliesCritical Supplies

  • 830 metric tons of food
  • 700 Jerry cans to store safe drinking water
  • 1,600 Blankets
  • 2,900 Hygiene kits to prevent disease
  • 2,700 Heavy-duty plastic sheets & 2,300 shelter kits to repair homes
  • 1,100 Kitchen Sets

USAID Disaster Assistance Response TeamResponse Team

  • 33 USAID Disaster Experts
  • 65 Search and Rescue Professionals
  • 4 Canines
  • 52,000 Pounds of equipment, saws, torches, drills, and medical supplies

At its peak, the DART comprised 97 staff including:

U.S. Military Assistance

Numerous U.S. military helicopters are supporting USAID’s mission by transporting humanitarian cargo and response staff. As of August 26, JTF-Haiti—including the U.S. Coast Guard—has conducted more than 400 missions, assisted or rescued more than 450 people, and delivered more than 250,000 pounds of vital aid, including food, water, medical supplies, and equipment.

Thursday, August 26, 2021 - 5:45pm