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The United States announces hurricane recovery program for the Caribbean

Richard Boucher, Spokesman, Washington, DC

The United States is launching a $100 million hurricane recovery program as part of our commitment to helping the nations of the Caribbean hit hardest by Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne.

This $100 million in assistance is in addition to our initial disaster assistance totalling $19.4 million. It will give urgent attention to restoring people's livelihoods and shelter while reducing the region's vulnerability to similar events in the future.

The primary targeted countries under this program are Grenada, Haiti and Jamaica. Grenada will receive $42 million, Haiti $38 million and Jamaica $18 million.

The United States will also be working with other impacted countries in the region, such as The Bahamas, to develop and implement recovery projects utilizing the remaining $2 million.

The United States Agency for International Development will administer the program.