UNICEF Haiti Humanitarian Situation Report No. 2 (Earthquake) - for 17 August 2021



• On August 14th, 8:30am, an earthquake 7.2 of magnitude hit the southwestern region of Haiti with major impact in three departments: South, Nippes and Grand’Anse. A one-month national state of emergency has been declared.

• Official figures put the number of people killed at 1,941 deaths and more than 9,900 wounded (as of 17, August). UNICEF estimates that approximately 1,211,000 people including 540,000 children are affected1 . 579,000 people are in need of humanitarian assistance.

• While severe humanitarian access constraints and fragile security continue to complicate the humanitarian response in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tropical Storm Grace reached the country hampering relief efforts.

• Under the leadership of The Directorate general of civil protection (DGPC), the National Centre for Emergency Operations(COUN) and Departmental Centresfor Emergency Operations (COUD) have been activated in response to the earthquake.

• Working closely with the Government and humanitarian partners, UNICEF has begun operations to assess the impacts of the earthquake on children and their families and jump-started initial distributions of health and WASH supplies, along with mattresses, blankets and tarpaulins.

• UNICEF is appealing for US$15 million to respond the most urgent, life-saving needs of affected children and families for the first 4-8 weeks.