UNDP, Government of Haiti provide immediate support to flood-affected victims

Port-au-Prince - Haiti’s Department of Civil Protection in partnership with the UN Development Programme (UNDP) has been working non-stop to assist flood-affected families in the northern city of Cap-Haitien and other neighbouring towns following heavy rains, floods and landslides that killed 17 people, five of them children. More than 15,000 houses were flooded, 90 were destroyed and 800 were severely damaged. Over 6,500 people are temporarily housed in emergency shelters.

The recent floods have also affected over 2,200 hectares of crops in one of the country’s most fertile areas.

“This hurricane season is nearly over and has been relatively mild in Haiti, but the recent storms have once again showed the country’s vulnerability to natural disasters,” said UNDP Haiti Senior Country Director Sophie de Caen, adding that UNDP and the UN family have been immediately working with the Government to mobilize resources and provide support to the most affected populations.

”However, these floods actually showed that Haiti is strengthening its disaster prevention capacity: as a result of UNDP’s work to improve Haiti’s Civil Protection Department and its effectiveness, the response to the recent floods was entirely led by national authorities.”

Moreover, around 40 UNDP experts work directly with the Government and its Emergency Operation Centers at the national and local levels.

To mitigate the impact of floods and other natural disasters, UNDP and the Haitian Government have also planted close to nine million trees and worked with farmers to plant more resistant crops that prevent erosion. In addition, flood mitigation measures have been improved, using watershed management tools and protecting riverbanks.

“It is clear that the Government’s recent efforts with its partners—including UNDP—to boost resilience, particularly in the north and northeastern areas, are a step in the right direction,” de Caen said.

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