UN refugee agency marks two years since Haiti earthquake


January 11, 2012 – Washington, DC - On the eve of the two-year anniversary of the devastating earthquake that left Haiti in shambles, the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) pays tribute to the approximately two million Haitians affected by the quake.

UNHCR has played an important support role in the aftermath of the quake focusing its efforts in providing emergency relief items and following the emergency phase in providing quake victims with civil documentation and protecting victims of sexual violence.

While the number of persons still living in tents has reduced from 1.5 million, following the quake, to approximately a half a million, it would be wrong to think that the others have found sustainable solutions. Many displaced persons have been victims of forced eviction and have now been displaced two or three times. It is tempting for the international community to ignore this problem as the displaced are now less visible, but the consequences of not providing support to these “deregistered displaced persons” will have long-term effects on the communities.w countries have signed the Convention.