Star of Hope International begins emergency agricultural relief in Haiti

News and Press Release
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The final contracts have been signed paving the way for emergency agricultural relief distribution to begin on Wednesday March 24. This relief effort consists of agricultural inputs of seed, fertilizer and tools. These inputs are being provided to farm families in ten different communities in rural Haiti.
Families are selected by local committees made up of representatives from local churches, schools and community leaders. Each family makes a small contribution to cover the cost of transportation. This increases the ownership of the project.

Antonio Boursiquot, Director of Star of Hope International work in Haiti says "that the fragil farming economy was devistated by the unrest. The families in most of rural Haiti were cut off from income generation capabilities for several weeks and in many areas forced to consume what resources they have held for planting. With out intervention from the outside the country faces uncertainty in food security."

The agricultural material is being purchased in Haiti from local vendors, thus helping to strengthen the local business community.

Star of Hope International has identified some 3500 families in these communities most at risk. Swedish SMR has made a donation of $80,000 to assist. A general appeal is being made for donations of $45,000 additional funds to meet the needs.