Star of Hope Haiti Schools Open with Damage

News and Press Release
Originally published

Ellinwood, Kansas Oct 30, 2012: Star of Hope schools in Haiti report that they are welcoming children back into class even with damage to the buildings.

Myrtha Dor, Director of Star of Hope Haiti reports that Bois Negresse has been affected the most. Half of the metal roof is gone from the newly opened school building. Trees are down some taking the flimsy homes of the people. The farm fields have been washed out and the road is still cut by a failed bridge.

In Boyer, there is some road damage but the school and all the children are reported to be doing well. In Dano the road is still out and the reports of loss of fields and livestock continue to come in to the office in Haiti. The debris and dirt casued by the water that flooded the school has been cleaned by the local people. Rigaud is reporting no problems.

In Hesse the road is still impassable and reports from the school is that one of the buildings lost half of the metal roofing. Jeanton school is okay and the roads in to the community are damaged but passable. The Marigot project has been flooded twice in less than two months. The people are beginning the cleanup process.

All of the Star of Hope projects are functioning today. The children are excited to return to school, even if they will sit outside under a tarp. Repairs are being planned for the damaged buildings. Additional help is needed to assist the 2,100 families who have lost much of their livelihood. Donations are also being solicited to assist in the response to the disaster. Donations may be made through their website www.starofhope.us or by phone at (866) 653-0321.

Star of Hope is a nonprofit organization located in Ellinwood, Kansas with projects across the world in seventeen countries.

Photographs and phone interviews with the Star of Hope Haiti staff may be made available by contacting Barry Borror, President & CEO, (866) 653-0321 or barry.borror@starofhope.us.