Star of Hope Haiti

News and Press Release
Originally published
Port-au-Prince. January 13, 2010

Star of Hope works with 13 projects in Haiti with six of them located along the fault line. Reports of damage are beginning to trickle in hampered by the overload and failure of the mobile phone infrastructure. We have reports of collapsed church building used by the Star of Hope School in Dano Haiti, approximately 22 miles west south west of the capital. The school director also reports some structural damage to the school building and houses in the area collapsed.

The school director in Pailliant Haiti, reports structural damage to both the school and church building.

The director of one of our children's homes in Carrefour, Haiti reports nearby buildings collapsed and one young man missing who as at a school that collapsed. Minor injuries and psychological distress among the children are reported.

Star of Hope has accounted for all of the organizations staff members and has verified that the Star of Hope Haiti office, located in Petionville, is functional and all communications and networking is in functioning.

Star of Hope International is sending its Disaster Response team to join the Star of Hope Haiti staff to assure that our network on the ground will be a useful part of the recovery efforts.

Star of Hope is also soliciting donations to assist at their website: www.starofhope.org

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