Situation report: Haiti Earthquake 2010 1500 hrs 13 January 2010

Situation Report
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UK Response:

- The Field Team has left the UK and is due to arrive early in the morning of 14 January subject to security and logistics challenges being met.

- We are sending an UKISAR team of some 61 people with dogs. International and Local Response:

- The Haitian authorities are having to contend with major disruption to all services, as well as personal trauma. We cannot expect a coordinated picture of their response to emerge for a number of hours.

- We are informed that the US has two heavy Search and Rescue teams currently in the air and the Swiss Search and Rescue Team is also mobilising. Over 25 SAR teams (of variable capabilities) from around the world have declared themselves ready to respond if requested. The US Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) is also mobilising as is an IFRC Field Assessment Coordination Team (FACT).

- OCHA is in the process of mobilising an UNDAC. MINUSTAH established a Joint Operations Centre (Cell) which - among others - is coordinating/facilitating the evacuation of injured UN staff to the airport.

- A UK expert has been selected to join the EU's five person assessment and coordination team.

- A preliminary Red Cross appeal is expected.

- OCHA has advised a flash appeal is expected in the next few days

- A DEC appeal is being considered.

- UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has announced a CERF allocaton of $10m (£6.15m).