Second Anniversary of Haiti Earthquake

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Organization’s Century of Service to the People of Haiti Cited as Reason for Success

Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB), currently celebrating 100 years of global service to those most in need of health care around the world, has posted a snapshot of its work in Haiti on the second anniversary of the Haiti earthquake.

In the two years since the devastating quake hit the island nation, CMMB has succeeded in placing almost all of the $49.7 million it received in cash and in-kind products to aid those affected by the disaster.

In addition, today the organization manages the widest array of programs and services ever. This is accredited to the strong network of local partners CMMB has developed through nearly 100 years of work in Haiti. CMMB’s president and chief executive officer, John F. Galbraith states: “Through the decades, CMMB has built a trusted network of partnerships among local clinics and healthcare facilities, and healthcare leaders, throughout the country. These trusted relationships have helped immensely over the years, when emergencies have occurred. Our commitment to the people of Haiti has never wavered and we will be here to help and heal for years to come.”

Today, CMMB lists the following among its programmatic activities:

Donated Medicines and Medical Supplies: CMMB has sent a total of $86.25 million to Haiti between 1/12/2010 and 1/12/2012, for both earthquake related and other needs, partnering with 112 corporations, organizations and individual donors and 48 consignees, sending a total of 208 shipments.

Serving Amputees: As a founding member of the Haiti Amputee Coalition, CMMB has served nearly 1,000 amputees with prosthetic limbs. A majority of them were amputees due to the earthquake. In addition, the Coalition has provided psychosocial support, transportation and physical therapy. Continuing resources are being provided to focus on long term sustainability and integration of services into existing local organizations.

Medical Volunteers: In the two years since the earthquake, CMMB has placed 2,340 long- and short-term volunteers in Haiti. Today, that continues in 2012.

Supply Chain Management – Because of CMMB’s expertise in providing medicines, the organization is working with the Ministry of Health to support its supply chain management infrastructure which was heavily damaged in the earthquake. A comprehensive assessment of all of the Ministry of Health departmental warehouses has been performed, and CMMB is continuing to collaborate on all aspects of supply chain infrastructure and operations.

HIV/AIDS: CMMB provides a wide variety of services that includes helping more than 10,000 people living with HIV/AIDS, providing prevention services nationwide, and testing pregnant women for HIV in order to prevent transmission of HIV to unborn children.

Managing Childhood Illnesses: CMMB has trained community health workers to spot and treat common childhood illnesses among children under five, thus lowering the mortality and morbidity rate for thousands of young boys and girls.

Malaria: CMMB has recently initiated a malaria program aimed at strengtheningthe institutional capacity of the health departments in the South East and Grand Anse areas via educational programs for doctors and support personnel, provision diagnostic equipment and training, and strengthening of the supply chain of malaria treatment medicines.

Emergency Planning: CMMB helped three rural communities in southeastern Haiti have access to emergency medical services where they had been no emergency planning or ambulances.

Health Professional Training at Notre Dame– Last year, CMMB trained 172 health professionals in Haiti. 69 nurses and 103 doctors working at health facilities or graduates of the University of Notre Dame in Haiti were integrated into the Management of Childhood Illness. This curriculum was developed to combat the high rates of child mortality in Haiti, and improves the ability of healthcare providers to care for children between the ages of 0-5 years.

Mobile services in Gonaives– 2,036 people living in underserved rural areas have been seen via this program, particularly in the region of Artibonite. This was especially useful during the cholera outbreak when CMMB was able to react immediately.

With 100 years of service, since 1912, CMMB is the leading U.S.-based Catholic charity focused exclusively on global healthcare. CMMB’s medical volunteer, donated medicines, HIV/AIDS, child survival and neglected tropical diseases programs and initiatives focus on making healthcare available to all. In 2011, revenues reached a record-breaking $315 million, with 97.4% going directly to services.